Colour Tongues unveil nostalgic and mischievous “Ashgrove” from their forthcoming debut album, Midnight Island (out May 19, 2022), produced by award-winning Matt Di Pomponio. Ashgrove is a small suburb outside of Brisbane, Australia where singer and guitarist James Challis spent much of his youth. After 10 years of living abroad, he felt the strong desire to revisit it mentally. “We all have an Ashgrove,” the band states about the new single. “It’s a place where you learned to sink, or to swim, and came into your own as an adult – or what you thought it was like to be an adult. ‘Ashgrove’ conjures up memories of fleeting romances, lessons learned the hard way, and the exhilarating adventure that being a teenager brings. It’s important to remember that none of us ever really grow up, and why would we want to?”