Hey Major

Hey Major


Mikaël Fortin,
Rafaël Fortin


Indica Records


Hailing from Sherbrooke, the brothers first formed Orange O'Clock and won the 2015 CBC Searchlight Award. Eventually they became Hey Major, evolving their sound defined by Mickaël’s keyboards and piano. Signed to Indica Records (Half Moon Run, The Franklin Electric, Ivytide), their first single “Brother” dropped in 2018 to critical and radio acclaim, capturing the primary essence of the band: the brothers' fraternal, if not symbiotic, chemistry that gives us a song as embodied as it is unabashed, setting the tone for the best, yet to come. Their first official LP, The Station, appeared in 2019 and was supported by a string of singles—"The Station" and "Goldfellas”—that landed on college and commercial airwaves, while seducing an ever-growing public transfixed by the fearless and deeply emotional electricity between the boys on stage touring in Canada and Australia. During the pandemic, the studio became their sanctuary and the deep breath that was needed to go back to their roots, for a first-ever francophone album. Aerial sounds, themes of wandering, inner flight, and an inner tension that eventually gives way to resilience, and a sense of empowerment that makes up the tracks on this album. Feu intérieur includes the radio hits “Sur un ficelle” and “Le gouffre” which are still playing on commercial radio.


“YOU’RE SO COLD (I’M ON FIRE)” Official Video

“YOU’RE SO COLD (I’M ON FIRE)” Official Video

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