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Born in 1995, L.Teez is a Montréal author and performer whose childhood was immersed in music. Formal training began at fine arts school FACE where he studied trombone and trumpet, subsequently devoting himself to singing and launching into rap when he was 14 years old. Strongly influenced by hip-hop during his adolescent years, his passion for music subsequently led him to develop an avid appreciation for the classical jazz masters from which he finds inspiration as well. His formative school years and early musical influences led him to composing, a pursuit he found for coping with ups and downs of family and personal circumstances.

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In 2012, with the emergence of “new school” hip-hop, he began his foray into songwriting. Authentic and
deeply personal, his lyrics speak to his vision and experiences in the world around him. As his style took
shape, L.Teez established himself in the underground music circuit taking the spotlight at venues like Park
and CFC Club. He soon discovered his love for the stage. His early breakout performances included the
Divan Orange in 2013, then the MEG Festival. In 2016 he collaborated with Canadian producers Hug
Signori and Jay Century (Fouki, Kallitechnis, Nate Husser) on his original titles. Later, he traveled to
France to perform at the Tartine Festival in Chambéry, Bordeaux and Marmande, the Paris Music
Festival, and the MIL Festival in Lisbon.

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