Sigur Rós

Sigur Rós


Georg Holm,
Kjartan Sveinsson


Sigur Rós are one of the most successful bands of recent times and one of Iceland’s most successful acts of all time, with six number ones in their home country and a trio of Platinum albums globally. In the years since their last studio album, 2013’s Kveikur, the band launched the ‘Liminal’ soundbaths and endless playlists, built around blissed-out re-imaginings of moments from Sigur Rós’s catalogue both familiar and obscure. In 2020 they released the almost mythical ‘lost’ recordings Odin’s Raven Magic, an orchestral album originally made nearly two decades prior. The band have also reissued their albums Agætis byrjun, Takk, ( ), Með suð i eyrum við spilum endalaust and Valtari on their own label, Krunk. Alongside this, frontman Jónsi has released two solo albums, Shiver, featuring contributions from A. G. Cook, Robyn and Liz Fraser, and Obsidian which coincided with his solo art exhibition at the Tanya Bonakdar Gallery in New York City.


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