Established in 2004, Listen Harder Inc. is a Canadian independent publicity company specializing in music publicity. Having a solid understanding of various genres, audience demographics, and an intimate knowledge of publications and media outlets relevant to projects taken on, we create targeted publicity campaigns in support of artist development, LP/EP releases, events, festival and tours, essential to branding national and international artists in the Canadian market.


Jen Cymek

Owner & Publicist

Cristina Fernandes

Owner & Publicist


Do I need a publicist?

If you’re just starting out and have only played a gig or two at your friend’s place, the short answer is no. If you’ve been playing shows locally or regionally on a regular basis, have begun to establish a fanbase, and would like to take your profile to the next level, exploring hiring a publicist might be in your best interest. If you tour nationally and have amassed a fanbase outside of your region, have begun getting unsolicited media attention for your music, or you’re about to release a new record, hiring a publicist is a good idea. 

I just started a band. Can I hire you?

See above. Unless your new band is made up of notable artists or former members of well-established bands, there isn’t much we can do for you at this stage that you can’t do for yourself!