PR – Jorja Smith Release Her Highly Anticipated Sophomore LP ‘falling or flying’.pdf

British singer Jorja Smith has released her highly anticipated second album falling or flying. falling or flying; a sonically vast record – sometimes sleek and shiny R&B, sometimes vibey and heated UK funky, elsewhere intense and raw alternative – is a record which finds an artist stepping into a new chapter. Jorja’s acknowledging the ever-whirring cogs of her brain but also moving through it, growing, respecting herself above everything else. It’s why the defiant lead single “Try Me” – an astute, self-dissecting take on being viewed by the public gaze over bold, intricate beats – is also the opening track of the album. She explains, “It’s kind of ‘BAM!’, you know? It whacks you right in the face, it sounds like an entrance.” She credits the record’s slick and assured musicality to production duo DAMEDAME*. “I feel like making the album brought me back home,” she smiles, warmly. “Where you’re from is where you get your powers, and that’s why I’m so grateful I could make this with DAMEDAME* – they still have their roots in the ground from back home. And we had so much fun making this.”